Champagne Service

Refreshment service…
Share the joy and celebrate with champagne and refreshments.

We will help you every step of the way from setting and organising, serving and cleaning up.

Bronze champagne package including:

  • 1professional and elegant waiter for 2 hours
    • 30 min set up, 1 hr service and 30 min clean up).
    • Waiter posses RSA and BarMax certificate.
  • Refreshment table with white tablecloth and skirt.
  • Up to 100 champagne flutes.
  • Champagne tubs with 15 kg of ice.
  • Drinks to be supplied by ciient.

Silver champagne package including:

  • All items included in Bronze package
  • 2 cocktail tables with white or black lycra fitted cloth

Gold champagne package including:

  • All items included in Silver package
  • 1 extra wait staff
  • Choice of 3 cold Chef’s selection of canapés
    (service running for 1 hour. Menu on request)

** Drinks are required to be provided by client min 30 minutes before the start time. Recommended amount for 100 people: 16 bottles of champagne, 2 litters of orange juice and 24 small bottles of water.

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